Study Mate: Wunderlist

Reflection #2:

I didn’t even have to try to use Wunderlist every day, it has effortlessly become engrained into my routine.

Before I started using this app I had to-do lists all over the place; One on the Notes on my phone, one on a sticky note and another scribbled on a random piece of paper I acquired throughout the day. Although I still use my i-Calendar on my computer, my daily to-do lists lives on Wunderlist. One of my favorite features is a little check mark that sits next to every task. Clicking it provides the same satisfaction that many of us type-A girls live for; the satisfaction of crossing something off of a list. Ah, sweet success.

Despite my obsession for this app, there are a few pitfalls. One, it does not allow you to customize the order of the tasks in your to-do list. If you want something at the top of the list you have to input it first. As you continue to input other tasks they will line up below it. Although you can “star” a task to bring it to the top of the list, you cannot easily order the tasks yourself.

Throughout the next week I am going to try to utilize multiple lists. Thus far I have just used the “Private” list to input my daily tasks. This next week I will try to utilize more features and try to spread out my lists. We will see how this works!

Cheers to a more organized life,



Reflection #1:

After using the Wunderlist app on my phone for about a week now, my only question is: Why did I not think of this?!?

As a very type-A, organized and slightly neurotic list-making girl I have found peace in Wunderlist. In a typical day I use three different to-do lists: one on my iCalendar for when I’m working on my computer, one on a piece of paper for when I’m at home and yet another one in the Notes section of my I-Phone. Although each of these lists contain the same information, I often feel a little scattered brained and fearful that I might forget to do something important. I also struggle with how to organize the information and constantly underline and make little boxes for different priorities in different areas of my life. Even though this multiple-list life was efficient for some time, Wunderlist has helped me realize that it is time for a change.

Wunderlist beautifully organizes multiple lists into one location. The app comes with lists labeled Private, Work, Shopping, Movies to Watch and Wishlist. In addition to these generic lists users are encouraged to create personalized ones to fit their needs. Thus far, I have used Wunderlist for my grocery list and my homework/work lists. I am going to rely on the app even more throughout the next week and write about my experience in my next reflection. I can only imagine that I’m going to love Wunderlist even more. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out!

Until then,



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