Multi-taskers, struggle no more!

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Now that we have established what defines your own personal brand we can begin learning about valuable tools in the pr industry! Here we go!


The first tool we will learn about is HootSuite. HootSuite helps professionals manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts in advance, track brand mentions and analyze social media traffic. According to Pete Cashmore, the CEO of Mashable, “HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to effectively track conversation and measure campaign results” (

The following picture, from the HootSuite blog, is an example of a typical HootSuite dashboard ( This blog is an incredible resource – check it out for more in-depth help with the program.

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 1.34.42 PM

This is an example of HootSuite’s customer service account, @HootSuite_Help. From left to right, the first column features @mentions to @HootSuite_Help, the next features @HootSuite_Help’s  recent sent tweets, the following shows @mentions to the general @hootsuite account and the last features Yammer, HootSuit’s Help Desk Group.

I realize that this example is a little confusing because it has so much going on. Let us take a step back and review the basics:

1. HootSuite helps users manage multiple social media accounts.

If you have your own personal account and an account that you use for a internship or job, you can access both of these accounts on this one website without having to sign in and out of Twitter, Facebook, etc. multiple times.

2. HootSuite helps users schedule posts in advance.

Multi-taskers, struggle no more. With HootSuite you can schedule posts for whatever time you want, without having to think twice about it! This helps you spread out posts, have the application post for you when you are busy and prepare posts in advance. How nice is that?!?

3. HootSuite tracks brand mentions.

As we discussed in the example, the HootSuite dashboard show @mentions to the client’s Twitter handle. This works with all social media accounts. Instead of having to do your own social media monitoring which can be a pain, HootSuite organizes it all for you. Talk about saving time!

4. HootSuite analyzes social media traffic.

HootSuite has a lot of capabilities that provides insight to public relations professionals. This is important information that help you track conversation and judge the audience’s attitude toward the client. All of which is important to your boss!

I recommend creating a HootSuite account and inputing your own accounts. Since you are trying to build your own brand through social media, you can schedule your own posts and follow your conversations. This experience will help you be prepared when you are asked to manage multiple accounts!

Best of luck and have fun!

Until next time,




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