Building your brand, step two: Let’s get social!

Happy Wednesday everyone,

Now that you have determined what qualities you want to highlight for your personal brand we can get started! In this post I will target the most popular social media outlets and help you maximize your online presence.

Facebook: First and foremost, clean it up. Go through all of your old albums, tagged pictures and old posts with a critical eye and delete anything that could damage your image. Think, if my mom, grandma or employer saw this would they be proud? This always helps me to determine which things to keep and which ones to let go (tear). Next, go through your likes and your “About Me” section in general. Delete “likes” that you do not reflect who you are, and start liking pages of interest to you. This will help you to have a consistent image across all of your social media accounts. Now, make a commitment to post personally-relevant and career-relevant articles on your timeline. Continue to frequently communicate with others and be pleasant! It is your choice if you want to have a private or public account, I’m not going to advise you on that.

Twitter: If you don’t have on already, create one! Twitter is entertaining and is a great way to stay informed and to network. Employers often look at Twitter accounts to see if the potential hire is utilizing it to express their interests and career knowledge. Since public relations professional rely on social media, employers like to see hirees (is that a word?) using the medium effectively. So make an account, start following people/companies/organizations that interest you, share your knowledge via tweets and finally, retweet others posts! If you prefer to have a personal account and a professional account that is totally fine. Just make sure that the professional one is public and the personal one is private!

LinkedIn: There is so much you can do with this medium that I am not going to go into. All I want you to do is to create a profile and start networking! It is a great way to share your skills and experience as well as connect with employers and other professionals. Click this link to help you get started.

Other important social media channels include Instagram, FourSquare, Google+, About.Me… The list goes on. It is also a great idea to have a WordPress page. With this you can blog about whatever you want and practice your writing! Just remember when using these different accounts to treat yourself like you would treat your client. Keep your message consistent and positive and show the world the best version of yourself!

Until next time,



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